Every moment, every thought comes with colour and movement. I don't paint what I see. I paint what I feel, what I experience.  

For me, my work is not about what I have painted, but rather what happens while I paint. I listen to the paintings and allow the work to find it’s own way. It's instinctive. The colours and the movement of the medium capture and narrate that which cannot be depicted in words.

Catherine Litton has lived her whole life on an estuary. and feels a deep connection to the sea and the landscape.  

Whilst not taking any direct inspiration from the landscape itself, Catherine acknowledges that it is the space and the light of her immediate environment that allows her mind to free and detach itself from the busy pressured experience of life, and paint without hindrance.  

This allows each painting to exist outside of 'normal' experience and become it’s own intimate landscape.

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Catherine Litton Exhibition
Thursday 23rd September -
October 5th, 12pm - 7pm

Hastings Arts Forum
36 Marina, St Leonards On Sea
Hastings, East Sussex TN38 0BU

Private view on Friday 1st October, 6.30 - 8.30pm

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